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Our Professional Staff

Our Professional Staff

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Sarah Van Auken, MS CCC

is a speech-language pathologist who has experience evaluating and treating adult and pediatric populations with a variety of communication and swallowing disorders including: aphasia, voice and motor speech disorders, dysphagia, reductions in cognitive linguistic abilities, receptive/expressive delays or disorders, fluency, pragmatics/social skills, phonological and articulation disorders, and apraxia. She also specializes in accent modification services. Prior to joining the practice, Sarah provided speech and language services in schools, inpatient and outpatient medical facilities and various clinical settings. She earned her Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2017. In 2011, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting at the University of the Arts and worked professionally as an actor and playwright for several years. Sarah continues to work as a voice and speech/dialect consultant for individual actors and regional theatre companies. Her eclectic background and love for the human experience imbue her work as an SLP with compassion, openness, understanding, connection, and creativity.

Jamie Brod, MS CCC

is PROMPT trained speech-language pathologist with experience evaluating and treating children and adults in a variety of settings, including hospital, school, and clinical settings. After completing her masters program in communication sciences at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, she worked in an inpatient medical setting in Philadelphia. Jamie has also had experience working with early childhood and school-age children through high school to address receptive and expressive language skills, executive function skills, reading and writing.  She has also worked in feeding, and implementation of augmentative and alternative communication strategies. Her medically-focused background allows her to think critically and employ creative and individualized approaches to therapy. 

Jessica Salas MS CCC

is a bilingual licensed speech-language pathologist who provides services in English and Spanish, and has been practicing speech therapy in the New York City area since 2010. She specializes in evaluation and treatment of multi-lingual or multi-culturally diverse children, and understands the importance in being able to make a differential diagnosis between a disorder, and a potential delay due to cultural upbringing. Prior to joining the practice she worked in a variety of settings, including outpatient, high school, private practice, and home-based for early intervention.  She has experience in treating various areas of communication disorders including: articulation and phonological disorders, expressive/receptive delays or disorders, fluency, written language expression, reading comprehension, autism spectrum disorder, apraxia, and limited social skills. While in her master’s program at Teachers College, Columbia University, she had the unique opportunity to travel to Africa and Bolivia to provide speech and language therapy. Here she navigated several languages with the purpose of providing education and sustainable therapy solutions. These humbling experiences enabled her to further develop her clinical skills grounded in compassion and understanding of diversity.


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