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Our Professional Staff

Vivian Bollag, MS CCC

is a speech language pathologist who has been with the practice since 2003. Her comprehensive experience includes evaluating and treating individuals with a wide range of communication and social challenges including articulation disorders, receptive and expressive language delays, executive function difficulties, auditory/language processing disorders and social cognitive difficulties. Vivian has developed her training and expertise in the area of social cognition by participating in Michele Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® clinical training and mentoring program at the Social Thinking Clinic. She has attended numerous advanced conferences in order to stay informed of current research as it pertains to speech, language and learning.

Carrie Idler, MS CCC

has worked as a speech-language pathologist since 2000 and currently serves as the supervising language consultant for the practice at Magen David Yeshiva. She has particular expertise in the development of collaborative classroom programs for children with language and learning disabilities. Additionally, she coordinates the FastForWord computer based program for language and reading. She also serves as an adjunct lecturer and clinical supervisor at Brooklyn College.

Rachel Ozeri, MS CCC

has worked as a speech-language pathologist since 2015. She works at Magen David Yeshivah (ECC) as an “in house” clinician and has experience working with early childhood and elementary school children with speech and language delays. In addition to working with students in one-on-one and in small group settings, Rachel has expertise in collaborating with teachers to modify academic curriculum, to best serve and ensure success among students with language and learning difficulties.

Laurie Michaels, MS CCC

has been with the practice since 2005. Prior to joining the practice, she worked with adult stroke patients and children at Peninsula Hospital Center.  She was the Director of Student Services, at Magen David Yeshiva High School, where she was the supervising language consultant for the practice. She has expertise in collaborative classroom programs for youngsters with language and learning disabilities. Laurie has extensive experience with stuttering, reading and written expression disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, and deficits in expressive/receptive language. Additionally, she is an adjunct lecturer and clinical supervisor at Brooklyn College. 

Naomi Shualy, MS CCC 

has been with the practice since 1989 and has been a clinical instructor at Brooklyn College since 1997.  She has extensive experience with classroom based language intervention, infant and toddler speech and language difficulties and school age speech and language challenges.  Ms. Shualy also has particular expertise in receptive/expressive language disorders, articulation/phonological disorders and early childhood stuttering. 

Marisa Taormina, MS CF

is a speech-language pathologist (clinical fellow) who has been with the practice since 2019. Prior to working at the practice, Marisa worked with elementary-level students with articulation disorders, phonological processing disorders, executive functioning disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and expressive/receptive language delays. Marisa also treated geriatric patients of varying disorders at a skilled nursing facility. Aside from working at the practice, Marisa works as a speech language pathologist (clinical fellow) at Hebrew Academy for Special Children. Many of Marisa's students at Hebrew Academy for Special Children are non-verbal; therefore, she received special training in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and she has extensive experience treating individuals on all ranges of the Autism Spectrum. 


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